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Disaster Response

Nothing shines a light on the importance of reliable communications more than a disaster or emergency response situation.

Whether it’s a mobile command center with dedicated internet, or a full turnkey solution for 1,500+ rooms to aid in an evacuation mission, Momentum has the experience you need to mobilize connectivity solutions wherever they need to be deployed.

From raging wildfires to getting a community back on its feet after a devastating hurricane, our rapid response team is ready.

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Seeing is Believing

We’re proud of the work we have done with our customers, and we’re even prouder when they tell us how much it has improved their lives. Our experience and expertise are your strategic advantage as you look to connect your remote operation, organization, or community.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our customers first-hand.

“I have worked with CampTek and their management team for close to ten years now. They have provided solutions ranging from network infrastructure to close circuit camera systems along with satellite integration.”

“We have worked with the CampTek team to provide our permanent and disaster relief camps with numerous services including Broadband, WiFi, Satellite Television and Surveillance. They have always been responsive to our timelines, making them a reliable partner to us.”

“I can’t say enough about your team. They have become like family and yours is a company I trust in keeping the service going for our clients. THANK YOU!”

Broadband Connectivity

Built on a foundation of over 15 years of providing reliable broadband connectivity, the Momentum team has the required expertise to ensure a truly seamless broadband connectivity solution based on your requirements.

Utilizing any Internet Protocol (IP) connection, satellite, microwave or fiber, we will build the network you need to conduct your operation, capable of handling voice, data and video, ensuring your natural resources project operates seamlessly.

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Connectivity With LEOs

Low earth orbit (LEO) satellites can provide your northern / arctic community or operation with the connectivity you need to ensure continuity and resilience.

LEO satellite connectivity is reliable and affordable and provides durability second-to-none.

Momentum’s satellite connectivity is quick to deploy, easy to manage and offers high bandwidth and low latency. It integrates seamlessly with existing networks such as WiFi, LTE or 5G, to ensure that all operation’s networks and community members remain reliably connected.

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Our video surveillance system provides an efficient, cost effective and easy to use means by which to protect your valuable assets.

Fully scalable, Momentum’s video surveillance system can evolve to meet the needs of your fleet.

CCTV solution gives your team the peace of mind of knowing their environment is being monitored.

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Cell Boost

A Stronger, Reliable Cell Signal

We haven’t encountered a remote location we cannot connect, but sometimes a boost is required for optimal performance. With CampTek’s cell boosting system, we are able to enhance cell phone signal strength and cellular internet performance throughout your remote work camp.

Whether you require outdoor and/or indoor cell phone boosting capabilities, our team of expert technicians is ready to design the best cellular coverage solution for your remote access site.

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Access Control

Right-Sized, Streamlined Security for Your Operation

Access Control is a vital piece of the security puzzle for natural resources projects and their related facilities.

From perimeter vehicle gates and guard houses to access cards and keypads, this crucial layer of security has traditionally been expensive and cumbersome to set up, especially for small and medium sized projects.

By defining and enforcing who is allowed on site, you not only safeguard your staff, guests, and vital assets — you get a 24/7, foolproof log of all traffic in and out of your facility, and even better coverage when integrated with our CCTV surveillance solution.

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Support & Maintenance

Momentum’s world-class support helps customers fully leverage the value of their network. Our trained technical support staff is available around the clock to help customers and partners quickly and easily use, manage, and troubleshoot their network.

Customers can open cases by calling our technical support line directly. Cases are assigned directly to technical support engineers for investigation and resolution. Resources are prioritized for maximum response for critical issues.

All incoming customer inquiries, including both technical support cases and non-technical administrative issues, are answered directly by Momentum Support and either handled or escalated appropriately.

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